Game of the Month in May: “Who needs pawns?”

All of the divisions in the Bristol & District Chess League were decided in April. However, as is often the case, a small handful of matches ran into May as a result of previous postponements etc.  Despite only a handful of matches we received a wonderful entry for Game of the Month in May from Jerry Hendy of Keynsham Chess Club.  Here is Game of the Month for May and the last entrant to this years BCT Game of the Season competition.  

I hand over to Jerry for the annotations and film quotations…

Well last league game of the season and it was a humdinger. Real knife edge stuff, first one way then the other and both positions hanging together by a thread. For the curious, the quote after move 32 is paraphrased from the film “Sherlock Holmes faces death & the Musgrave Ritual”

Bath vs. Keynsham, Division 3

  • Board 1
  • White: Jerry Hendy (141), Keynsham Chess Club
  • Black: Tony Husband (145), Bath Chess Club

Screen Shot 2018-06-03 at 14.01.54
Ouch! The queen runs out of squares

…Where shall the Black queen go? Deep down below.  Away from the thunder, let her dig under…

1 – 0


Jon Fisher

Jon is the Editor of The Bristol Chess Times and Publicity and Recruitment Officer for The Bristol & District Chess League. He plays for Horfield Chess Club and has been known to play 1. b3 on occasion.


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