Whose attack is faster in a tactical Semi-Slav? (YouTube)

In the latest episode, we showcase a tactical explosion in the Semi-Slav from a recent Division 1 clash between Horfield A and Horfield B. We look at the idea of a bad plan is better than no plan and how the speed of a players attack can be deceptive.


Whose attack is faster in a tactical Semi-Slav? – (23 minutes long)

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Jon Fisher

Jon is the Editor of The Bristol Chess Times and Publicity and Recruitment Officer for The Bristol & District Chess League. He plays for Horfield Chess Club and has been known to play 1. b3 on occasion.

One thought on “Whose attack is faster in a tactical Semi-Slav? (YouTube)”

  1. Another very enjoyable video! I get more out of these than most vids by GMs. They’re entertaining and pitched at a good level for club players to understand and get value from.

    I would say “Keep up the great work”, but you obviously are doing that, and it’s me that is lagging behind with watching them.

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