A knight on the rim is…great?! (YouTube)

In the latest episode we look at a Division 1 game between Horfield and Downend chess clubs.  Black places a knight on the edge of the board and it turns out to be the best piece in a series of tactical exchanges!  Rules are there to be broken!

We also look at a nice checkmate at the Batumi 2018 Olympiad where Bristol league player Peter Kirby is representing Guernsey.

A knight on the rim is…great?! (19 minutes)

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Jon Fisher

Jon is the Editor of The Bristol Chess Times and Publicity and Recruitment Officer for The Bristol & District Chess League. He plays for Horfield Chess Club and has been known to play 1. b3 on occasion.

2 thoughts on “A knight on the rim is…great?! (YouTube)”

  1. Hi Guys

    Understandable that you should want to show this interesting game, but I am comforted by you missing the white wins, just the same as I did! I missed at least two wins involving the b1-h7 diagonal which was weakened by the g5 move. First he should not have been allowed to challenge that diagonal as I missed the simple 25 Bxf5 Qxf5 26 g4 winning a piece. Secondly rather than 29 Re7? plaqying Qc2 and Bb1 would leave the black king almost impossible to defend as well as the N on h3.. There are other nice lines but I won’t overburden you here. I agree with “Well played Bob” though. He found his way through the complications better than I did.


  2. Thanks for the comment Mike. Indeed a complicated game by the g5 decision. As we said in the video, we felt there must be weaknesses in the Black pawns but struggled to break through. Well played both players for an exciting game!

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