Season’s end: Trophies for 5 different clubs

It’s all come to an end for 2018-19, and 5 separate clubs will have silverware to show off next season.

Final scores

Division 1

Bath were looking strong all season but couldn’t keep up the same pace – whereas Clifton were always lurking in the background and stormed through at the end to take division one with 29 points.

Our prediction? A big fail here with our pick of Horfield to retain the title went south, and dark horses pick Bath falling at the last hurdle.

League 1 – BCT 0

Division 2

North Bristol A went from strength to strength all season and kept up their enthusiasm and dominance – winning the league way before the end and finishing on a huge 34 points.

Our top pick Clevedon B came a close 3rd – but our dark horse pick came up trumps!

League 1 – BCT 1

Division 3

Huge congratulations to Downend D who win division 3 after a close struggle – and have the chance to become that rare breed, a D team in division 2 – a great testament to Downend’s growth and focus on junior chess over many years.

Unfortunately, one of our picks Cabot A were on the losing end of that title race.

League 2 – BCT 1

Division 4

Harambee led at the half-way point but other clubs came up strong – it was a close-call and the best chance for my own club Horfield to win a trophy, but it was Clevedon C who reigned supreme – to add to their impressive silverware cabinet from last season.

Luckily for BCT, Clevedon C level our own prediction score against the league!

League 2 – BCT 2!

It’s a small victory – but I’ll take it!


We made no prediction here – but congratulations nevertheless to Downend (major) and South Bristol (minor) for their cup triumphs. Match reports are here and here.


Mike is co-editor of BCT, plays regularly in the Bristol league, and occasionally makes fairly mediocre predictions.

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