The Bristol Chess Times is an online magazine whose goal is to provide a voice for the amateur club player across the South West of England and the wider UK.  If you strive for a sense of community, camaraderie and competition as well as the desire to improve, then subscribe to the Bristol Chess Times.

We publish regular articles and videos on a range of chess related topics such as interesting games, quirky openings, local chess history as well as tournament updates on the Bristol & District Chess League.

If you are looking for a club in the Bristol area to “push some wood” for then get in touch and we will find you a local hook up.

Originally The Bristol Chess Times was a printed publication setup in the year 1980.  It showcased al the best chess that the Bristol & District Chess league had to offer and regularly featured interviews and game compilations from local players.  Unfortunately the printed editions of The Bristol Chess Times closed down in the early 2000’s.  In July 2017 it was reborn online to kick start the league and pull together this great community. If you love Bristol.  if you love Chess. We are always looking for contributors to the magazine, no matter what the topic!

We seek permission of use for all photos and games published on the Bristol Chess Times.  Any problems or questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Jon & Mike, Chief Editors


Become a Bristol Chess Times Columnist

The Bristol Chess Times welcomes contributions from all members of the chess community.  In particular, we have a wide range of columnists from the Bristol & District Chess League.  Here is a list of our columnists and contributors.


Jon Fisher, Editor

Jon is the Editor of The Bristol Chess Times and Publicity and Recruitment Officer for The Bristol & District Chess League. He plays for Horfield Chess Club and has been known to play 1. b3 on occasion.


Christopher Jones

Christopher holds the Grandmaster title for Chess Problem Composition and uses his skills to write a regular column for the Bristol Chess Times. He is also a longterm Horfield Chess Club player (where he is acting secretary).


Mike Harris

Mike is a regular pretender in Bristol’s top division and can also be seen propping up local tournament ladders. He writes a regular column for the Bristol Chess Times and plays a solid 20 openings a season.


Jerry Humphreys

Jerry plays for Downend and Fishponds Chess Club and is the Treasurer for the Bristol and District Chess League. He is also a regular contributor to the Bristol Chess Times.


John Richards

John has been playing for Horfield for longer than anyone else cares to remember (but was actually 1983). Never quite managing to get to a 180 grade, he is resigned to the fact that he probably never will. He set up the original Bristol League website and has been, at various times League General Secretary, Recruitment and Publicity, Chess Times Editor, Bristol 4NCL Manager and an ECF Arbiter.


Bob Radford

A long term stalwart in the Bristol & District Chess league, Bob currently plays for Horfield Chess Club and regularly competes in the local tournament calendar.


Ian Pickup

After leaving school Ian trained as an accountant, therefore missing his true vocation, to take over from John Arlott as the BBC cricket correspondent.

roy day circle

Roy Day

Roy is a long term member of South Bristol Chess Club and until very recently the club treasurer. He organises most of the club tournaments and is the club President at 85 years of age!

steve circle

Steve Dilleigh

Probably the most active player in Horfield chess club, playing ten or more tournaments a year in addition to league chess.


Howard Milbank

A Horfield & Redland Chess Club stalwart, Howard loves a good bit of chess history as well as introducing new members to some of the more dubious opening choices of past masters!

Michael Fielding (1)

Mike Fielding

Mike can be found throwing the kitchen sink for North Bristol or hustling some backpackers in a remote youth hostel; trying to help turn North Bristol into a Division 1 side. Ex-Weymouth. UK NATO Chess Team 2015. MOD Chess Champion 2017.

Chris Russell

Chris Russell

Chris is a part-time member of Downend and Fishponds and formerly played for Bristol University. He is now based in London where he co-founded Makepeace With Chess.


Tom Thorpe

Tom is an International Arbiter and used to play for North Bristol in the Bristol League. Now based in Exeter, he still pretends to play chess in-between organising events.

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